My Sun Corals

April 14th, 2010

Branching Sun Corals

I guess I’ll start my blog out examining some of the coral species I have stocked in my tank. One of my favorites is my branching Sun Corals, Tubastrea sp. I have my housed at the bottom of my 46 gallon bowfront. I’ve been caring for these a couple months now, as the feed readily and all times of the day. I keep them in a medium flow area to keep detritus and algae from forming on or between the polyps. I feed them about 3 times a week, a variety of food. Usually Mysis mixed with cyclopeeze, squid mixed with baby brine and once in a while I’ll throw in some crushed pellet Ocean Nutrition Formula 2 with flakes. They are an easy coral to keep if you are aware of the dietary needs, but remember they are non-photosynthetic so they must be fed. In order also to feed 3 time a week and not cloud my water I try to skim heavy and I perform a 10% water change 2 times a week.

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April 14th, 2010

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